Ty & Nathan

Our Story

How did the couple meet? We met back in 7th grade. She was a diver and I was a swimmer. We started a friendship from the start, and then that friendship blossomed into a relationship. We went on our first date the summer after eighth grade year, and now eight years later we are engaged.

What is the couples proposal story? After high school, we went to different colleges. She was off at TCU in Fort Worth and I was in Austin at UT. We were in our fourth year of being apart, but we never gave up on our relationship. We had started to talk about marriage, so I went up to see her on her birthday. I told her that we were going to go meet her parents for a special birthday brunch that morning, but instead I took her off to the water gardens to have a look around. We were down at one of the pools and I had her open her birthday gift from me. It was a scrapbook that I had made for her. The cover was the adventure book for the movie UP which we say on one of our first dates. We always imagined growing old together just like the couple in the movie. Each page of the book contained a memory from our relationship, and lots of small mementos I had collected from our past dates. Amongst them was the ticket stub from our very first date. One the last page of the book, I proposed to her. To make things even more special, I had her friends hiding around the other side of the pool to take photos of everything.

Why do you feel the couple deserves to win a wedding? Long distance relationships are not easy. Most kids out of high school who try them fail. We have been apart from each other for four very long years, and our relationship has flourished along the way. It wasn’t easy, but our love never wavered. Now we have both just graduated from college. This August I will be starting medical school, and Ty will be attempting to get into veterinary school. All of this school has put us both into a large amount of debt. As such, we have very limited resources to have our wedding. After everything we have been through, we will of course make do with what we have, but Ty deserves to have the wedding of her dreams.