Tiffany & Brandon

Our Story

How did the couple meet? We initially met our Senior year of high school through mutual friends. He lived in Shallowater, and I lived in Lubbock. We ran into each other a few years later and started dating.

What is the couples proposal story? THIRTEEN YEARS AGO, two kids fell in love. We dated for a year and then Brandon proposed. Soon after he proposed, I found out I was expecting a baby! Literally, it was the shock of our lives. We thought about getting married before the baby came, but didn’t want a shot gun wedding. So, we waited. At 23 years old we were so young, and so poor. We definitely didn’t have the means to get married back then. Several more hardships happened along the way. Job changes, health issues, another BABY. So, the wedding just kept getting pushed back. So now, THIRTEEN YEARS later … we are still not officially married. Surely we are close to setting a record for longest engagement ever!

Why do you feel the couple deserves to win a wedding? I feel like we deserve to win the wedding because it would bring so much joy to my family to see us officially “hitched”. Brandon’s mother is fighting the fight of her life. She has been enduring breast cancer for almost 10 years and recently found out it has moved to her uterus. If she could see her baby boy actually get married it would be nothing short of a miracle. Brandon and I love each other and always put our needs last when it comes to our family. We both work hard and love hard, and it takes every penny we have to survive. “Winning” a wedding would realistically be the only way we could get married any time soon. Getting married is always on the horizon for us, but some other financial obligation typically moves it back. This would be the best gift anyone could give us!! What a blessing it would be!