Macey & Skyler

Our Story

How did the couple meet? They met while moving the bride to be sister and the groom to be really enjoyed her personality and her sense of humor. One day they weee sitting in the grooms truck before school and the bride was eating a hamburger mind you it was 8 AM before school one morning, the groom stated to his best friend Blake I’m gonna marry that girl one day. They just laughed

What is the couples proposal story? It was on New Years Eve 2018 and the groom had everyone playing a game. Everyone drew from a hat and had to answer the question on the paper they drew from the hat. The groom drew the question “if there was anything in the world that you would want to do right now what would it be”, he said I would love to dance with my girlfriend. So they were dancing to a song that spoke about marriage after that song was over he bent down on one knee had the ring and said “ every since that morning I saw you eating your hamburger in my truck before school I knew I would marry you one day “ asked her to marry him and everybody started crying.

Why do you feel the couple deserves to win a wedding? They deserve the wedding because they truly love one another and have so much respect, faith and love that no matter what disagreement or argument they get into the lord put them together to share their love for one another. My son (the groom) has been through a lot in his lifetime with his mom being married twice and both marriages being extremely abusive to his mom Only and he has turned out to be a gentleman, loving, non violent, religious man that takes care of the women he loves and protects them from harm. The bride has had multiple surgeries on her hips that were painful, she graduated high school early and went straight into college to be a nurse and help kids (the specialty she wants choose) They are a remarkable couple.