Kimberly & Rodney

Our Story

How did the couple meet? Online dating site

What is the couples proposal story? We both love to fly fish and usually fish on the Cimarron River near Eagle’s Nest New Mexico. He decided that we should take a quick little weekend trip up there before school let out so it wouldn’t be so crowded. We have some close friends up there that own a fly fishing shop and cabins that they rent and that’s usually where we stay in Eagles Nest. We got up there and got settled got our fishing waders and boots on and got ready to go and he said the owner and his girlfriend and a friend were going to go with us. We went to a little spot where he and a really good friend of his that died last year likes to fish. It was the last place they fished before he was killed. We went a little ways downriver from our friends. When the 2 of us fish we usually don’t fish close together and he was staying right beside me which I thought was really weird. Then he wants to go a little ways up river so we are wading in the river to get to the next spot. We come around a little bend and there are our friends sitting on the bank. I am thinking to myself “why are they on the bank and not fishing?” Rod then turns me around in the middle of the river and starts telling me how much she loves me and the next thing I know he’s getting down on one knee right in the middle of the river!! I am in total shock and kinda freaking out because we had discussed the fact that we were going to move in together but not get married! HE tells “I love you more than anything in the world and would do me the honor of becoming wife?” I kept asking him over and over if you were serious and he said “Yes I am serious!” I asked him if he was sure LOL! He said “Yes baby I am sure!” I was still stunned and he finally asked, And your answer is…..?” I realized I hadn’t given him an answer yet and yelled out “Yes Yes of course Yes!!!!” I look over my friends are taking pictures LOL! That’s why they were there Lol! It was the most perfect and romantic proposal I could have ever expected! It was made more special by the fact that it was a place that we both love not to mention that is very sentimental to him! Also our dog, Takota, who is always with us was right there during the whole thing LOL!

Why do you feel the couple deserves to win a wedding? Both of us have had our share of heartaches and disappointments in our lives. We both believe that God brought us together for a reason. We both had basically given up on trying to find that special person and we’re about to delete our profiles and just stop dating all together. My profile popped up on his page and he messaged me and a week later I messaged him back and the rest is history! He is a type 1 diabetic but has never let that slow him down and is part of a volunteer organization that takes Wounded Warriors on fly fishing trips where all they have to do is show up! We are in the transition of me moving in with him which means I will not be working for a little while so a wedding budget right now is very slim. This would help us out both tremendously!