Faith & Koby

Our Story

How did the couple meet? I met my fiancé Koby at physical therapy. I was going to PT to heal my ankle after surgery. After I came back from Christmas break, Koby started learning/working there. He was there and helping out while he was in graduate school. After a few visits, Koby started to help treat me. We got to talking more and more each visit. I knew that it was inappropriate to try and start anything with him because I was a patient. So I wait until a couple of weeks until I was released to contact him. When I contacted him we hit it off from the beginning, but we both agreed that we couldn’t start anything until I was fully released. When I was finally released, we made us official. We have been inseparable ever since.

What is the couples proposal story? The week of the proposal Koby had told me that he was unable to come visit me in Lubbock that weekend. I was super bummed that I wasn’t going to see him because it had been about two week since I saw him last. Every week Koby sends me a letter. Telling me how much he misses me and loves me. Well that Friday he had sent me a letter saying that he was going to see me that night. I was so excited! That next Saturday, September 16,2017, he decided that would be a date day. So we did what I wanted that whole day ad then in the evening we were going out to dinner. Well on our way to dinner he told me that we needed to stop by the physical therapy place to pick up something. When he opened the door to facility, I was so confused. I thought we were interrupting a yoga session because there were candles everywhere. Then I finally realized. This was for me! He had candles everywhere, every single letter or note that I have written him, his bible, and a picture of us. He brought me over to sit on the chair and started taking my shoes off. Koby opened his bible to John 13 and told me to read the passage. The passage talks about how Jesus washes his disciples feet and tells them that no servant is greater than his master. Basically saying that he will never be greater than me and that we will be equal. So while I was ready the passage, Koby was washing my feet. As soon as I was done reading, he told me that the reason why he wanted to propose at the clinic was because that is where we first met and where he first started taking care of me and that he was ready to care of me for the rest of his life. So after he said that he got down on one knee and said, “Faith, will you marry me?”

Why do you feel the couple deserves to win a wedding? I was raised by a single mother and it has been really stressful for my mom to pay for the wedding herself. I am also trying to save up money but since I am still a full time student at Texas Tech, it is really hard to get enough hours in a day while trying to pay for my own bills. All my life I have had to live from paycheck to paycheck and afraid that we won’t have enough money for something. It would be nice for once in my life we didn’t have to stress about money and having to cut back on something because we really couldn’t afford it. You only get married once and I just want to have a special day with the man of my dreams and the people I love.