Ready To I Do

In addition to our in-house designs, we offer a wide variety of couture designers (20+).

We offer an extremely wide range of prices, we have gowns starting at $100 to $,$$$. YES you read that right.

We do not discriminate on sizes, we make a point to care ALL sizes.

We specialize in making EVERYONE comfortable

You will have a private experience, you will have to whole place to yourself upon request

Why choose off-the-rack? 

The best part? NO WAITING!

It can take 8-12 months to receive a dress 👗

No room for errors!

What errors can occur?

😔Wrong color!

😣Wrong size!

😩Wrong customizations!

All of these errors can cost you time and money $$$!

@ReadyToIDo we can eliminate problems like these

Don’t have months to wait?

@ReadyToIDo you can take your dress home same day! 🛍

Want a fully custom dress? 

We can design one for you!

Sounds too good to be true? _IT GETS EVEN BETTER 🎉_

We also buy gowns back! (Pending the condition)

How can we offer such amazing deals?

We have consignment options both new & used

As well as, brand new gowns! 🥰

The Story Behind Ready To I Do

Once upon a time there was a Lubbock bride in search for her perfect wedding gown, she and her mother searched high and low for her #pinsperation. One day they did it, with #teambride (grandmother and #bridesbabes) in tow, they found her vision. She ordered the dress ten months before the wedding date. After waiting 8 long months, her dress was finally ready.

Eight weeks until the wedding: There were three pieces to the the dress and 2/3 were wrong. In tears, she sent two pieces back, she had to wait two weeks to see the changes... (the bolero was too tight/the sleeves were too short, and the corset top was made with boning all wrong)

Six weeks until the wedding: After two more weeks past the dress was wrong again. The sleeves were still too tight, she couldn’t even lift her arms to to dry her tears. As a last resort, the bridal salon let them order the fabric and made sleeves from scratch.

Four weeks until the wedding: Two weeks later they received the fabric and had sleeves made. With a heart of gold, her seamstress worked tirelessly to make the perfect sleeves!

Three weeks until the wedding: after 8 months of waiting and 5 weeks of errors it all came together. With only three weeks until the big day.

In the wake of this experience @ReadyToIDo was created. Our mission is to alleviate the stress of ordering errors and months of waiting time.


* Is the dress I choose available to take home immediately? Yes!

* Is my size available? Yes! 0-28

* Is customization an option? Yes! We can help with that!

* Do I need an appointment? Yes! We’re very flexible and will work with your schedule

* How do I prepare for my appointment? Book your appointment/ limit your #bridalsupportstaff to three to four loved ones (too many opinions can ruin your experience)/ full hair & makeup are recommended to complete your wedding day vision #ReadyToIDo (wedding ready)/ no self or spray tans please!