Ashley & James

Our Story

How did the couple meet?¬†He was a cook, I was a waitress.. We worked together for a long time, even parted ways for some years, I had two little girls along my way and he still had no children…we reunited one day.. he raised my girls and we eventually had a son together. After 7 years of hard times.. we are finally doing okay& he proposed ūüôā

What is the couples proposal story?¬†We actually were going on a date, my babysitter had my kids and He took me to the park first “for cake and ice cream” with the kids. As we are waiting for the kids to arrive, we get a call…our sitter got into a wreck on her way to us with our kids. He still managed to ask that day..He was shaking the entire time of course..but I said yes.

Why do you feel the couple deserves to win a wedding? We are probably the most undeserving.. but we do our best and only have each other and our 3 babies. I Just thought it would be worth a try.. If someone needs this more than us, we pray you give it to them, &not us.