Alanis & Isaiah

Our Story

How did the couple meet? We were best friends who never would of expected a relationship with each other! We set each other up on countless dates that never worked out. One night we decided we’d set each other up on a double blind date and the people we chose for each other NEVER showed up! Four years later and we are still together and madly in love!

What is the couples proposal story? My brother, his wife and their new baby came to spend two weeks with us before my brother deployed. They spent the last two weeks of October with us and during that time we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas! On October 22nd we celebrated Thanksgiving! My now fiancé planned for our entire family’s to spend the day together! My fiancé placed a new collar on my dog with a tag that said “will you marry me” I picking my fur baby up and read the new collar while he got on one knee, and the rest is history!

Why do you feel the couple deserves to win a wedding? I am a full time college student working on my nursing career and my fiancé works full time to take care of our little family! (No children yet, just fur babies) we are planning our wedding on a strict budget but regardless of how the wedding turns out I still get to marry the man of my dreams